Year: 2020ÍCULO-A-PUBLICAR.pdf María del Mar Hernández Cortés, TEP member of STEP ( is a Partner of Balmaseda & Hernández Abogados in Málaga, Marbella, Estepona, University Expert in Protection of disability of vulnerable adults as well as specialized in cross border estates. That´s why she´s collaborated with STEP magazine writing this recently published article, which you […]Continue reading


María del Mar Hernández Cortés Abogada, Lawyer, Rechtsanwältin             THE EUROPEAN SUCCESSION REGULATION The European Regulation 650/2012 is applicable to all  cross border estates of people who has passed away after the 17th August 2.015 and stablishes According to this European Regulation the deceased can choose the national law which will be applicable to his […]Continue reading