Our solicitors and lawyers work closely with international firms specialising in particular fields.

Our expertise in inheritance cases, both nationally and internationally, means our multidisciplinary team can tackle the most complex estates in terms of their civil, commercial, fiscal and international aspects. Thanks to our close and efficient work with an expansive network of highly specialised solicitors, lawyers, tax advisors and economists, as well as working with offices across the globe for international cases, we can confidently offer comprehensive and reliable legal advice to best serve our clients.

One of our founding partners, the lawyer and solicitor Maria del Mar Hernandez Cortes, is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), an international association consisting of a large network of international offices specialising in inheritance law and family businesses. She has professional experience and is also accredited, allowing her to advise in conjunction with specialised solicitors and tax advisors from the client’s home country in international inheritance cases and work with nationals from anywhere in the world.

For a long time, the firm has also been working with WF FRANK INTERNATIONAL, a network of international firms with headquarters in Berlin, specialising in international estates or inheritance matters with Spanish-German cases in particular.

This allows her to work closely with partners and offices in different countries, offering highly specialised legal advice from specialized experts with an extensive professional track record, whatever the complexity of a case. We can assist German-speaking, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients.

Our practice covers all matters concerning inheritance, such as:

• Estate planning: encompassing civil, commercial and fiscal aspects, in order to adequately meet the clients’ wishes and to facilitate proceedings for subsequent inheritance acceptance. They work to keep expenses and taxes to a minimum and avoid outbreak conflict before it happens.

• International inheritance: collaborating with highly skilled members of two international networks of offices specialising in planning, civil, fiscal consultancy in international estates. These are and

• Fiscal aspects: considering all possible tax regulations such as tax on inheritance and gifts, tax on the appreciation of urban land (commonly known as capital gains tax) or personal income tax, company taxation and international taxation. As always, working in tandem with associates in their relevant countries.

• Wills: helping the client express their wishes properly, taking into account all international or taxation aspects, to plan their estate in the best possible way.

• Distribution of the estate: our solicitors advice and accompany the clients throughout the process and necessary arrangements right up until the proceedings are finalised.

• Declaration of heirs, both Spanish and foreign.