Order SND/403/2020, dated 11 May, on the quarantine conditions to which people from other countries must be subjected on their arrival in Spain, during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19.


 Quarantine period of 14 DAYS.

1. People coming from abroad must be quarantined for 14 days after their arrival.

2. During the quarantine period, the persons referred to in the previous section must remain in their home or accommodation, and must limit their movements to the performance of the following activities:

a) Purchase of food, pharmaceutical products and basic necessities.

b) Assistance to health centres, services and establishments.

c) Due to force majeure or a situation of need.

All trips must be made with a mask.

3. Similarly, all measures of hygiene and/or prevention of the transmission of the disease caused by the COVID-19 must be observed, especially with regard to contact with co-habitants.

4. Health authorities may contact quarantined persons for follow-up. In any case, in the event of symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory distress, general malaise or other symptoms of a suspected case of COVID-19, quarantined persons must contact the health services by telephone using the numbers provided by the Autonomous Communities, indicating that they are in quarantine because they are from abroad.

5. Cross-border workers, transporters and crews, as well as health professionals going to work, are exempt from these measures, provided that they have not been in contact with persons diagnosed with COVID-19.

Cross-border workers are those who, residing in the border area of a neighbouring State to which they return daily, carry out lucrative, labour or professional activities, whether self-employed or employed, in the border areas of Spanish territory).

This can be the case in Spain with France, Portugal, Andorra, Morocco (from Ceuta and Melilla) and Gibraltar.

6. Travel agencies, tour operators and transport companies must inform travellers of these measures at the beginning of the sales process of tickets with destination in Spanish territory.

In the case of aircraft, the companies must provide the public health form for locating passengers (Passanger Location card), referred to in Annex 9 on facilitation of the International Convention on Civil Aviation, which must be entered by the traveller on arrival in Spain.

Enrique Balmaseda Fernández



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