Private Arbitration for Disputes

Private arbitration can be a quick and cost-effective route to resolving disputes between people and companies. It avoids the courts of law, and in so doing the inflexibility, slowness and backlog of work frequently associated with them.

Private arbitration can be an easy, cost-effective route to solve conflict between people and companies, avoiding the inflexibility, slowness and work backlogs that affect many courts of law.

Impartiality, independence, experience, specialisation, and practicality are important requirements to have in mind when appointing a good arbitrator.

Our arbitration service for conflict offers:

• Specialised training and accreditation in national and international arbitration.
• Experience as defence counsel in arbitral proceedings.
• Registered and officially listed arbitrators in Andalucía’s High Court of Justice.
• Counselling and advocacy for arbitration clauses in contracts, protocols or family covenants, company statutes, residents’ association bylaws, in wills or in testamentary disposition.
• Recommended institutional arbitration by the Malaga Arbitration Court.