Balmaseda & Hernandez Estepona Solicitors advises on cases, both nationally and internationally, working closely with associates from all over the world.


Practising lawyers and solicitors since 1991

thanks to the faith of our clients

Why choose Balmaseda & Hernández Solicitors?

The trust and loyalty of our clients has allowed us to continue offering our advice since 1991.
Our commitment to focused training in our specific fields ensures that we have a vast and up-to-date knowledge of them.
We maintain close, friendly and consistent communication with our clients, taking absolute care to listen to them, and keeping them informed of their case or any issues.
We work towards stable, long-lasting solutions, always putting the client first.
In cases which require a multidisciplinary approach, we work with trusted partners and associates.
We are members of international associations and networks, with which we work closely in the interest of ensuring service of the highest standard for our clients.
Ask us for an estimate of our fees and we will provide one with no obligation and only enter into a contract if all parties are in agreement.
We strive for excellence and total customer satisfaction.